Indiana University

Indiana University Bloomington

2002 – 2007
Bloomington, IN

BA in Sociology with a focus on technology, human sexuality, and religion.

Undergraduate honor’s thesis: The difference between therapy and advancement in medical technology in regards to individual choice and social responsibility.

Fellow and Affiliate
Harvard University

Harvard University
Berkman Klein Center

Aug 2013 – Aug 2016
Cambridge, MA

Affiliate in first and third years, fellow in the middle year. Here, I worked with a wide variety of other fellows and affiliates to understand the social, political, and technical actions and consequences of our various projects. My work in digital disaster and humanitarian response gained greater focus on impact on frontline populations, as well as gaining greater access to policy, legal, and technical fulcrums for change and accountability.

Research Affiliate
Berkman Klein Center

MIT Media Lab

Feb 2013 – Current
Cambridge, MA

As a research affiliate, I provide links between academia and the world at large. Graduate and doctorate students and I work together to increase the impact of their work on target audiences, and they assisted my work in becoming more academically robust. At Civic, I research how decentralized and distributed social systems scale and interact with institutions.


New England Complex Systems Institute

January 2015
Cambridge, MA

Winter school offers an introduction to the essential concepts of complex systems and related mathematical methods and simulation strategies with application to physical, biological and social systems. I learned about the approach of complex systems science, completed a modeling project with other students, and visualized class notes.