Berkman Klein Center

Berkman Klein Center
Int’l Workshop for Misogyny and the Internet

March 2015 – August 2015
Cambridge, MA

The Berkman Klein Center is an entrepreneurial nonprofit with a mission to explore and understand cyberspace; to study its development, dynamics, norms, and standards; and to assess the need or lack thereof for laws and sanctions.

The International Workshop on Misogyny and the Internet was a two-day closed, invitational workshop that brought together activists, journalists, policy analysts, social scientists, legal professionals, law enforcement, and commercial social networking platforms to discuss what can (or should) be done about misogyny online, which is an acute and growing problem.



Aligned objectives of a diverse set of organizers and visionaries for a focused event with over 50 international, high-visibility participants. Structured the 2-day event for maximum network building, exposure to each other’s organizations, and collaborative project creation and continuation.