World Bank

World Bank
Taarifa Program Design

January, 2011 – January, 2015
Dar es Salaam, Tandale, Iringa – Tanzania

The World Bank provides financial and technical assistance to developing countries in order to reduce poverty and support development.

The Taarifa Platform is an open source web API, designed to close citizen feedback loops. This hackathon series brought together software and hardware developers, designers, and data scientists to ready the API, dashboard, and SMS integration for deployment to the field.



Facilitated hackathons, libre source community contributions and engagement, and events with users and new coders. Worked with residents of informal settlements,Tanzanian government, World Bank, and local innovation hubs to scope and deploy a platform fitting with the eGovernance program as well as local needs. Team maxed out at 5 international software developers, 2 hardware developers, 3 in-country mentee developers, 2 in-country advocates, and 1 designer at the height of the project.